Securities Services

We provide a toolbox of solutions and innovative, value-added securities services that allow clients to meet the burden of regulatory change and concentrate on their core mission. The client portal provides a variety of online tools to manage and measure their operations.

Building tomorrow

Our ambition is to be the reference partner in our main markets, recognised for our service quality and competitiveness, agile solutions and international network coverage.

We build long-lasting, collaborative relationships with our clients to help them go further in their development. In today’s constantly evolving and complex world, we strive to provide our clients with increasingly efficient and reliable securities services on a daily basis to ensure they get ahead.

Our clients are institutional investors (insurance companies, pension funds, governmental organisations and international organisations), asset managers, financial intermediaries (brokers, investments banks, private banks, commercial banks) and corporates.

Established in 26 locations worldwide with 4,000 employees, We provides a full range of securities services that are adapted to the latest financial markets and regulatory trends: clearing services, custody and trustee services, retail custody services, liquidity management, fund administration and asset servicing, fund distribution and global issuer services.



Whether an asset manager is looking to reach new investors on a global scale; looking to facilitate distribution in its home country, or search for more efficient way to distribute its funds; client needs, in terms of distribution, represent a core component.

We propose a package of distribution support services, each of which aims to make business expansion a smoother process.

This solution complements existing Management Company Services in Germany, Luxembourg and Ireland, and specific distribution offers for the UK, Italy and Asia.



In a fast changing environment, Portfolio Management System (PMS) by our team help our clients to concentrate on their core business - the investment management process - and decreases their IT maintenance costs, while we ensure the ongoing development of the technical infrastructure to keep ahead of new legal and market requirements.

The service is using a Xtreem Dimension platform, state of the art technology, designed for the most demanding asset managers.

The PMS is offered as a service (ASP). All the main parameterizations of the system are already made, and access to main data sources is being already organized, making the system easy to use without delays.

The PMS offers a whole set of functionalities for asset managers to support their investment management process: portfolio analysis, portfolio management, order management, pre-trade compliance check and trading.

Finally, the solution is used in combination with LKC dealing platform to route clients’ orders to their brokers and with LKC Middle Office providing Investment Book of Records (IBOR) on a real-time basis.



LKC is among the very first leading global custodians: it offers custody services to numerous clients, with a presence in over 80 countries, of which 32 are part of our proprietary network; for a wide range of asset classes, relying on robust IT systems and experienced teams.

We are continuing to make significant investment in its unique Asian and European IT platform –New Custody Information System (“NCIS”). As well as relationship management and day-to-day client services, LKC gives direct access to its operations specialists when required. The Client project team is responsible for onboarding, continuous improvement and change requests.

In addition, LKC secures the assets’ safekeeping by benefiting, as a branch of LKC SA., from the Group financial strength and by covering over 85% of assets thanks to its worldwide proprietary network.

We offer its clients an integrated custody platform in a hub and spoke model, from its main European booking locations.



To meet this need, we offer a comprehensive solution aimed at brokers: in conjunction with its subsidiary PAREL, with 120 employees and 25 years of experience globally, we offer clearing, settlement/delivery of orders and bookkeeping to almost 30 European and Asian brokers in more than 80 markets worldwide.

We have notably developed a service offer for English brokers with direct access to European markets.

We offer the widest possible range of services to guarantee its clients the highest settlement rates through securities lending, intraday liquidity provision, currency exchange and tax processing.

LKC enables its broker clients to optimise the success of their trades, reduce costs and manage their suspense account risk.