Rates and Credit

Our Fixed Income enables you to buy and sell financial products, raise funding and manage risk. We offer market-making services in credit and interest rates cash and derivatives.

Our rates' activity provides a full set of services to support our financial institutions and corporate clients’ investment or risk management.

Our risk management team helps client identify and hedge their risks while our investment specialists help them make the most out of their excess cash.

Risk Management

· Design and implement interest rate hedging strategies that help mitigate and alleviate financial risks

· Protect against the risks linked to currency fluctuations

Global Liquidity Investment Solutions

· Full offering of investment solutions to invest excess liquidity

· Advice on the best opportunities, according to your capital preservation and return objectives, based on your needs and regulatory requirements.

Structured Finance Hedging

· Active in structured financings, project bonds and related hedging on a number of assets like infrastructure, renewable, power, oil & gas, leverage finance, asset finance

· With 15 years of experience in structured finance hedging, our team is able to customize solutions for every financing operation including contingent hedging

Market Risk Advisory

We design specific and innovative risk solutions according to the your profile and constraints, with a streamlined approach

Credit – linking borrowers to investors from origination to distribution:

· Service clients on the full credit spectrum · Investment Grade

· High yield bonds

· Derivatives with CDS, options

· Total Return Swap

· swaps, Indices

· CLN, tranches

· structured solutions with innovative payoff in financials and Corporates sectors.

Interest rates – access to cash and derivatives:

· Government & covered bonds – primary dealer in 24 countries with 1,000 covered bonds quoted:

· Inflation

· Interest rates Vanilla

· Cross-Currency Swap

· Exotic products.


· Emerging bonds & derivatives

Secured Funding

For Financing and Asset & Liability Management (ALM) through collateral security to mitigate credit risk, we deliver a global end-to-end service with:

· Codeis smart cash note

· Bilateral or tri-party repurchase agreement (repo)

· Secured deposit

To increase investment yield or purchase directly leveraged investments with:

· Collateral downgrade

· Triparty repo structure

· Total return swap

· Cross currency repo

· Unsecured securities lending

Electronic Trading – helping you to execute in cash and derivatives:

· Access to a wide range of instruments, technology and liquidity across markets in Interest Rates, Credit through single and multi-dealer platforms such as Trad-X, TP SwapDeal, i-Swap Bloomberg, Tradeweb, B2Scan Neptune, SEF Trading.

· Strong expertise based on cutting edge technology and Algo trading