FOREX linked to transactions

Our trading room specialists offer tailor-made solutions for exchange issues that meet the needs of your business.

Because of globalization and high volatility on the financial markets, currency trading issues are now of the utmost importance.

The two main issues faced by corporations and banks trading on the foreign exchange market are:

· Limiting the foreign exchange risk related to currency volatility,

· Properly identifying currency trading circuits.

To address these issues, our trading room specialists offer tailor-made solutions that meet the needs of your business.

Whether it is a draft for a supplier, a payment for a delivery outside the euro zone or salary payments in «exotic» currencies, there is a foreign exchange risk at every step of the production chain.

To protect you against this risk of loss, we have created a very wide range of currency hedging instruments designed to eliminate or to mitigate fluctuations in currency prices, depending on your management objectives.

From conventional foreign exchange transactions to the most complex structured transactions, our experts have a set of products to meet your needs. These instruments can be used in a wide array of currencies.

In addition, we offer you access to our digital platform that includes many pre and post trade services, including hedging. This service allows you to manage your FX risks and to check in live the hedging strategy’s efficiency according to various market move scenarios.

This is essential for any business wishing to get the most from their international relationships.

Our experts can help you increase your competitive edge in the following ways : whether you want to reduce the number of players involved, familiarise yourself with the regulations in effect, take advantage of competitive rates and management tools or simplify your processes, our experts are there to help you increase your competitive edge whilst guaranteeing dependable relationships with your financial partners worldwide.