Cash Clearing & Correspondent Banking

More than 1,000 financial institutions rely on our team to process a wide range of international transactions such as: cash clearing in USD, Euros, and other currencies, commercial payments and account maintenance.

Thanks to us, you can have access to a global network dedicated to banks. As a leader in euro payments, our team is #1 in Asia and #3 worldwide on the Euro clearing for banks, serving your needs in every important currency. We process 5.8 million SEPA operations per day.

With our extended international network and a full and mature service offering designed for our clients, we are committed to help you grow your business efficiently. We have access as a direct participant to all euro clearing systems (EBA & TARGET 2) as well as domestic clearing systems in several countries.

We act as intermediary for banks which are not members of a clearing system so they don’t have to invest in a direct connection.

Thanks to a solid and long-standing footprint in Eastern Europe and Western Africa, we are able to provide clearing in 6 currencies - EUR, CZK, MAD, PLN, RON and RUB - with strong capabilities in other currencies.

To monitor your payments, we, via a unified portal, provides you with its web-based reporting tool. It displays details, status and associated balances of each payment, with access to your invoices and other services to facilitate your day-to-day operations. The platform also features the SWIFT gpi tracker, a SWIFT project we have been an early member of since 2015.

We are a SWIFT major player and takes part in all SWIFT initiatives including KYC registry, gCase, payment data quality and more.

We are partnering together along with other key banks, to develop a blockchain-based infrastructure to improve payment efficiency and service quality.

We offers you two different Forex Solutions for your cross-border payments:

· InstaFX helps you better control the FX applied to your outgoing cross-border payments.

· PAYFX helps you make payments in more than 80 currencies through your euro account held with independent institutions.